Australia is a country ruled by two things. Sports and Food.

Our client wanted to make Heinz Ketchup synonymous with Australian culture. A hard task given our country’s love affair with Tomato Sauce.

In this quest for local relevance, Heinz forged a partnership with the Australian Football League and created “Heinz Footy Ketchup”; the perfect condiment for footy food.

To launch the new product, we brought together the two things Aussies love to yell at the TV for: Footy and Cooking Competitions.

This is the Heinz Footy Ketch-Cup. The search for Australia’s best half-time food.

Featuring professional AFL player / TikTok Cooking Sensation Christian Petracca as our special guest judge.

The winner scored tickets to the 2023 Grand Final and the actual Heinz Ketch-Cup Trophy (which we made).

Agency: TBWA Sydney
Client: Kraft Heinz