Golden Circle has been a part of Australia for almost 100 years. So, how do you refresh such a classic icon and get a new generation interested in it?

“Golden Circle Refreshers” are a brand new product for the beverage category; a unique blend of real fruit juice and water.

People might be hesistant to try something so unique. So, how do you get people to experience the product before they try it for themselves?  

We created a campaign that refreshed the Australian vocabulary, using A.I. during the writing process to help us create never-before-seen words.

Summer Burst

For Summer 2023, we needed to get Aussie kids to take a Golden Circle Refreshers with them as they headed back to school.

So we refreshed something that hadn’t been refreshed for AGES…

The school lunchbox.

With an A.I-powered twist on the old “25 words or Less” competition to entertain bored kids over the school holidays.

We asked kids everywhere to send us their dream “lunchbox of the future” ideas. Using words, pictures, everything and anything that they could use to explain their idea.

Then we put it into MidJourney A.I. to remix imaginations with concept designs.

Aussies then got 24 hours to vote for our winner.

The final prize? A 3D-Printed, IRL version of their one-of-a-kind lunchbox.

Complete with heating and cooling tech to ensure their lunch was warm and their Refreshers was as cool as their ideas.

We got a buzz going, with featured coverage in national newspapers and websites, broadcast radio and TV stations.
And one happy, imaginative kiddo.

Agency: TBWA Sydney
Client: Kraft Heinz (Golden Circle)